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Guide to Golf Cart and LSV Rentals on Isle of Palms

Posted: February 6, 2023

One of the best ways to travel around Isle of Palms is by golf cart or LSV (low-speed vehicle). Renting a golf cart or LSV will add convenience and fun to your summer vacation. There are some rules and regulations to consider before choosing which rental will best suit your needs. 

Below, we will discuss the difference between golf cart and LSV rentals, how to book your rental, and what to expect when you are here on Isle of Palms. 

First, let’s go over some of the Isle of Palms regulations

  • Golf cart and LSV operation require a valid driver’s license 
  • You must also provide proof of insurance 
  • Neither golf carts nor LSVs may operate on highways 
  • No parking on beach access paths unless otherwise posted 
  • Golf carts cannot be operated at night; LSVs can be operated 24 hrs a day

What is the difference between a golf cart and an LSV? 

Although most people will refer to both vehicles as “golf carts,” there are some important differences between the two. Golf carts only have two seats, while LSVs average 4-6 seats. Golf carts have limited features, while LSVs have multiple features like a stereo. Golf carts have limited safety features, while LSVs have safety features such as a backup camera and alerts. 

There are also a few striking differences between how and where you can operate golf carts vs LSVs. Standard golf carts are prohibited on Wild Dunes, but LSVs are allowed (however not for hotel or villa guests). Golf carts cannot be operated on Isle of Palms at night, but LSVs are legal 24 hrs a day. Golf carts are prohibited on Palm Blvd, but LSVs are legal. 

How to book a golf cart or LSV rental on Isle of Palms 

Reserving your golf cart or LSV for your Isle of Palms vacation couldn’t be easier thanks to Just Beachy Golf Cart Rentals. Just Beachy is owned and operated by the Marsh family, who are full-time residents of IOP. They only offer the newest and latest model golf carts and LSVs for rent and their prices are the best on the island. They never charge a delivery fee. 

To rent a premium golf cart or LSV, simply head over to their website to make your reservation directly, or, call or text 843-885-3090

What to expect when using a golf cart or LSV on Isle of Palms 

Anyone who has ever visited Isle of Palms before knows how limited the parking is, especially during the summer months. Getting to and from beach access paths by LSV is much easier and more fun. Finding a space to park your LSV is easy, and you can even consider dropping off your beach supplies and then walking. 

All traffic laws apply to golf carts and LSV operation on Isle of Palms, with some additional restrictions as discussed above. Safety is the most important consideration when operating a golf cart or LSV. 

Feel free to drive your LSV into downtown Isle of Palms and go to local restaurants, bars, shops, and music venues. Always remember: Impaired driving is just as illegal when operating a golf cart, LSV, boat, or any other type of motorized vehicle! 

The Isle of Palms Chamber of Commerce hopes you have a relaxing, fun, and safe vacation on this wonderful island of ours! If you are interested in learning more about local businesses or the Chamber, contact us