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Visiting Isle of Palms in Winter

Posted: January 23, 2023

Winter is a wonderful time to visit Isle of Palms. Due to the popularity of the greater Charleston area in recent years, our tourist “season” has been expanded year-round. Winter on Isle of Palms is certainly slower than in summer months, but mild temperatures and numerous activities mean visitors can enjoy a quiet, relaxing holiday any time of year on IOP. 

Enjoy cheaper rental rates

Many beach house rental companies offer cheaper rental rates for the winter months on Isle of Palms due to less demand. Dates around holidays will still be popular, so you may want to plan your trip for non-holiday weekends in order to find the best deals. 

Isle of Palms winter temperatures are mild. While the water temperature may be too cold to swim, you may find outside temperatures to be in the 60s or even 70s on some winter days, meaning you can still enjoy the beach. Depending on where you live, you may find temperatures in IOP to be downright hot compared to your winter average!

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Winter on Isle of Palms means oysters and more

Winter is a great time to visit popular restaurants and enjoy local food traditions on Isle of Palms. 

Tourists can take advantage of fewer crowds in winter and enjoy many of the popular restaurants on Isle of Palms. Reservations are still encouraged, especially on weekends. The Refuge is a casual fine-dining restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Located right on Palm Blvd, you can even walk from your rental house or take a golf cart. 

Holidays, events, and football Saturdays in the winter months usually involve an oyster roast in the low country. If you are celebrating anything during your IOP winter vacation, there are many local companies who will cater an oyster roast for you, right at your rental home. Or, you can take advantage of winter oyster specials at many local restaurants like The Windjammer.

Isle of Palms is famous for winter beach days

As we mentioned earlier, some temperatures in winter on Isle of Palms can be in the 60s or 70s if you are really lucky. That means you can still have a beach day or two while you are here. Swimming might be out of the question unless you are participating in the Polar Plunge, but lounging in a beach chair, riding bikes, or playing bocce ball is still possible in winter. 

Fewer crowds on the beach also mean you can enjoy activities that are more difficult to pull off in the summer months like surf fishing. 

Winter can be a great time to visit Isle of Palms because the temperatures are mild, crowds are fewer, and plenty of businesses are open and ready to serve you. We hope that you will consider Isle of Palms for a winter weekend getaway or week-long adventure. 

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