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Isle of Palms Celebrates #BookDirect Day

Posted: February 2, 2024

In this article you will learn how booking direct from local real estate companies like the ones listed below can help you save up to 15% on your family summer vacation to Isle of Palms. Check out our member pages below and book now!

#BookDirect was a viral hashtag on Twitter in 2018 that has turned into an annual celebration in vacation towns like Isle of Palms. Book Direct Day, happening on February 7th, 2024, is a day that reminds vacationers about the advantages of booking their rental accommodations directly from owners or local rental management companies instead of third-party websites. To learn more about Book Direct Day and how it applies to your next visit to Isle of Palms, continue reading below.

What is Book Direct Day?

What began as a viral hashtag has turned into an annual educational event throughout the United States. Book Direct Day is a day designated to inform tourists of the advantages of booking short term rental properties from local management companies instead of third-party services such as Airbnb and VRBO. 

What does it mean to book direct? 

Isle of Palms and the greater Charleston area is known for providing world-class hospitality. “Book direct” means you are ensuring that your vacation will engage local people who make hospitality their business. 

When you book your beach vacation rental directly from a local management company, you are guaranteed three things: 

  1. The best possible price.
  2. Personalized service.
  3. Up to date information about your property.

Users of third-party booking sites may not realize that they are paying additional booking fees that are not incurred if they book direct from local rental companies. These fees can increase the price of your vacation by as much as 15% when you book through Airbnb and VRBO. To avoid these fees, vacationers can book direct and save. Then you can spend that surplus on eating multiple amazing dinners at restaurants or renting a golf cart for the weekend. 

Booking directly from local rental companies also means you will have access to the property management staff. When you “book direct,” the staff will know you are coming, be able to accommodate special requests, and be available to you if something should go wrong. 

Book Direct all year long on Isle of Palms

Every beach vacation rental company on Isle of Palms has their own easy-to-use website that makes booking direct a breeze. Also, their local and knowledgeable staff will be able to direct you to the best restaurants, bars, and attractions to make your next family vacation on Isle of Palms spectacular. 

You simply do not receive this level of service from Airbnb, VRBO, or other third-party online travel agencies, even though they cost more money to use. 

Celebrate Book Direct Day all year long and save up to 15% (by avoiding additional fees) on your summer beach vacation to Isle of Palms by booking through one of our local member businesses here